Who We Are


To be a grassroots driven voice of reason in Canada with a common goal of building relationships within our communities. We stand together as a catalyst for positive change, to protect our traditional Canadian values.


To strive for, support and lobby for policy change while encouraging open, honest and respectful dialogue in hopes to strengthen families and our communities.


Unified Grassroots was started in August 2021 by a few Saskatchewan parents getting together to discuss concerns about school Covid policies and its negative effects on children.

The founder, Nadine Ness, started a Facebook group to organize a meeting and within a very short period of time grew so quickly that a group of concerned parents decided to register as a non-profit organization. Soon after, the Saskatchewan Proof of Vaccination policy was announced, which led the group to expand further to include concerned health care workers, then to the Saskatchewan public at large, and continues to grow its scope daily!

We are an action oriented group that aims to create an open and compassionate space for people to gather and support each other. We want to take these ideas out into our communities and farther.

Our mission is to spread unity and love while providing a safe place for all people to unite regardless of vaccination status, political beliefs, religion, race or any other identifying feature. We represent people from all walks of life and vaccine status. We are not 'pro' or 'anti' anything. We are advocating for inclusion for all. In this unique time in history, everyday people are faced with coercion, loss of employment, fighting with loved ones, and segregation from society for making a very personal and private medical decision. Sadly, fear and resentment are spreading quickly and the damage being done may take generations to heal.

It is imperative that we do something to try and stop this from getting worse.

We believe that in dark times, it is our responsibility to advocate for inclusion and to inspire others to do the same. At a time where everything feels divided, WE STAND FOR ALL. We choose love over hate, positivity over negativity, and unity over division. We graciously ask that you join us, as we are much stronger together.

Change begins in the humble beginnings of Grassroots!

Nadine Ness
Vice President
Gaylene Quiring
Joy Nokinsky
Communications Director
Joy Nokinsky
Melissa Martens
Event Director
Leah Bubnick
General Director
Brad Traill
General Director
Brad Traill
General Director
General Director

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