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Call to Action

Hey All,
Probably our biggest Call to Action yet!! Most Canadians agree that the mandates need to stop now. Many citizens are still being discriminated against and can’t fly within or outside of our country. Many do not have a job because of their private medical decision. We know that science does not support these mandates and that infection and transmission can occur regardless of your vaccination status.
We’ve been wondering as a team for a while how we could put pressure on the federal government to remove their mandates. This needs to be a Canada wide action. We need the government to start asking themselves whether they are truly standing for all Canadian people. We want that question in their mind every time they make a decision. We want them to know that the question will be coming from us, the public. The true voice that should be heard louder then any other.


So our call to action is to post:


On every announcement that any government official makes - every article, every Facebook post, every tweet. Anything federal government related. Let’s do it with airlines, anything travel related, media articles. Let’s have that question be the loudest question all over Canada.

Nothing else, just the hashtag.

This can apply for much more than the mandates. Are our government officials standing for all Canadians or are they standing for other outside influences? It’s time we have government officials who represent the people, not the other way around. Please go and follow every single MP on Twitter, Facebook, all social media and let’s get this trend going so that with every decision they make, that question dominates their thoughts. A link is at the bottom of this email for all the MP's and Senators so you know who to follow.
There are 13,000 + people in Unified Grassroots Facebook group alone and 7,000 + on all our other platforms. If even just half of you did this, it would start to spread throughout Canada. Let’s get this trending on Twitter! Feel free to follow Unified Grassroots on Twitter and/ or me. We will try and start following every MP. It may take a bit. We all want change but it won’t happen unless every single one of you participates in driving that change. We are not asking you to drive to Ottawa - We are simply asking you to write a hashtag. Let’s do this!!!


Please like and comment on our Facebook post so the algorithm will have it showing on everyone’s newsfeed! This post is on our public Facebook page, see Page.
Please feel free to forward this email to all your friends and family all over the country. Post to all your social media pages. Only by working together can we create change.

Nadine Ness
Unified Grassroots President


To unify all groups at a grassroot level under one umbrella with the common goal of building unity within our communities. We stand together to protect the values that made this nation so great and work on stopping the division, hate, discrimination and coercion happening all around us #westandforall

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